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We are a group of BSA/AML Compliance professionals who have brought together years of experience leading AML and OFAC Programs for major financial institutions in the United States. We curate leading edge information and provide content-rich tools to help industry practitioners like you benchmark, assess and develop a BSA/AML Compliance Program that is not only compliant with provisions of the Bank Secrecy Act and USA PATRIOT Act  but also in line with OFAC requirements, regulatory guidelines, examiner expectations and leading industry practices.

We believe that a strong AML and OFAC Program can be built and maintained by practitioners who best understand their organization’s unique business and risk profile. We believe that you don’t have to spend a huge chunk of your budget on consultants who will apply the same stale standards to your Program as they do to others in the market. As a member of TribeAML you have access to objective, vendor-agnostic tools and a peer community of practitioners to help you develop and above all, maintain an effective and compliant BSA/AML Compliance Program. Benefits of membership include:

  • The ability to Benchmark your BSA/AML Compliance Program against peer institutions
  • Gap Analysis Toolkits to help you assess and develop your own BSA/AML Compliance Program according to U.S. laws, regulations, regulatory guidance and expectations
  • Practitioner Webinars in which to share industry insights, learnings and regulatory developments with your peers

Benchmark Survey:

As regulatory expectations continue to evolve we’ve developed an assessment that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of how financial institutions, similar to yours, respond to changes in the industry. By completing the survey, you can benchmark the maturity and effectiveness of your BSA/AML Compliance Program against those of peer institutions, year over year. The Benchmark Report is tailored to your specific peer group and will give you a clear view of leading AML and OFAC practices in the industry. As financial institutions complete the survey in an ever-changing AML environment, the benchmark will provide regular enriched insights to guide the enhancement of your own BSA/AML Compliance Program.

As a member of TribeAML, you can also participate in special ‘hot topic’ surveys designed to provide insight into major regulatory and industry developments. In addition, you will have the ability to commission your own targeted surveys for benchmarking, by leveraging our existing subscriber-base of AML practitioners who lead and manage BSA/AML Compliance Programs within financial institutions across the US.

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Gap Analysis Toolkits:

We have brought together years of knowledge and experience of select senior AML and OFAC professionals to curate Toolkits to help you conduct a gap analysis of your own BSA/AML Compliance Program. Our Toolkits are detailed check-lists, rich in content, that prompt you to review and assess key elements of your Program such as:

  • Governance and Oversight
  • Know Your Customer
  • AML Transaction Monitoring
  • OFAC/Sanctions
  • Risk Assessment

The Toolkits also include detailed industry insights for each element to help guide your assessment and provide tools with which to document remediation actions to further develop your Program. 

Practitioner Webinars:

As a subscriber, you are a member of a unique ‘tribe’ of BSA/AML Compliance practitioners like yourself and as such, will have access to a peer community  to share common Program challenges, best practices, industry developments and regulatory changes through monthly Practitioner Webinars. You will also have the option of suggesting topics for discussion. Information gained through these sessions are incorporated into our Benchmark Survey and Toolkits to continually extend enriched and up to date content to our subscribers.

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